bullet Touroude de HARCOURT was born about 949 in Pontaudemer, Normandy, France. He was born about 949 in Pontaudemer, Normandy, France.

He was married to Wevia de CREPON. Children were: Humphrey de VIEILLES.

bullet William HARCOURT was born about 1485 in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England. Parents: John HARCOURT [SIR KNIGHT] and Ann NORRIS (NORREYS).

bullet William HARDIE

He was married to Charity CHANNON about 1593 in Sidmonth, Devonshire, England.

bullet Thomas HARDING

He was married to Alice SMITH on 22 Apr 1721 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

bullet Annis HARE

She was married to Thomas KELLOGG on 4 May 1611/12 in Great Leighs, Essex, England.

bullet Christopher HARGET

He was married to Margaret MOODY on 9 May 1589 in Moulton, Suffolkshire, England.

bullet Thomas HARMAN

He was married to Catherin ROGERS about 1566 in Cannington, Somersetshire, England.

bullet Betsy HARMON

She was married to Jacob Strauther HARRIS on 25 Aug 1839 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan.

bullet Elizabeth HARMON was born in 1520 in Elam, Crayford, Kent, England. She died on 26 Oct 1585 in Chevening, Kent, England.

She was married to John LENNARD (LEONARD) [High Sheriff] about 1538 in Knoll, Kent, England. Children were: Samson (Sampson) (LEONARD) LENNARD [Sheriff] , Timothy LEONARD, Samuel LENNARD, Mary LENNARD, Elizabeth LENNARD, Samuel LENNARD [SIR KNIGHT] , Rachel LENNARD [BARONESS ABERGAVENNY], Benjamin LEONARD, Anne Lennard LEONARD, Timothea LENNARD, Anne LENNARD.

bullet Isabel HARPER was born in 1592 in Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England. She died in 1664 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to John Peabody PAYBODY in 1608 in England. Children were: Thomas PAYBODY, Francis PEABODY, William PABODIE, Annis PEABODY (PAYBODY).

bullet Marion HARRET was born about 1649 in Prestonpans, East-Lothian, Scotland.

She was married to James BEE. Children were: Jonet BEE, James BEE, Katherine BEE, Mary BEE.

bullet Ruth HARRIMAN

bulletElizabeth HARRINGTON was born about 1636 in Kingston, Washington Co., Rhode Island.

She was married to Stephen NORTHUP I about 1654 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island. Children were: Mary NORTHUP, David NORTHUP, Stephen NORTHUP II, Benjamin NORTHUP, Henry NORTHUP, Joseph NORTHROP, Joseph NORTHUP, David NORTHUP, Joseph NORTHUP.

bullet Hannah HARRINGTON

bulletAngeline HARRIS Photo was born on 4 Nov 1834 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan. She died on 14 Feb 1893 in Nephi, Juab Co., Utah. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

She was married to William HYDE in 1852 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Children were: William Edward HYDE, John Gilbert HYDE, Edith Adelia HYDE, Sarah Lavina HYDE, Harriet Parthenia HYDE, Ernest Bertrand HYDE , Francis Herbert HYDE, Edna Estelle HYDE.

bullet Ann HARRIS 3rd Cousin, twice removed Parents: Orville HARRIS.

bulletAnn (Annie) HARRIS. Parents: Thomas HARRIS and Elizabeth (Harris).

She was married to Elias MAVERICK Sr. on 11 Jun 1633 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Sarah MAVERICK.

bullet Charles Timberly HARRIS

Children were: Daniel Coleman HARRIS .

bulletDaniel HARRIS Photo was born on 13 Mar 1831 in South Bend, Saint Joseph Co., Indiana. He died on 25 Aug 1892 in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico.
Life of Daniel Harris (Compiled 1963. Incomplete and probably incorrect in some details)

Daniel Harris was born on 17 March, 1831, in south Bend, St. Joseph county, Indiana, or nearby in Michigan, as a census record states.

His parents, John Harris and Lovina Eiler, were married two months before his birth, probably because of the scarcity of ministers in their area. His father’s family had come there three years before from Ohio and they were the first white settlers in that area. They chose a choice prairie grassland enclosed by wooded area, which is named Harris Township to this day.

When Daniel was 16 or 17 years old, and his brothers and sisters numbered seven, his father and mother decided to go to Oregon. They were converted to the Church. His father, mother were baptized at Navvoo in 1846, a brother and sister were baptized. Daniel and the oldest girl, both were baptized in Grand River on 9 June 1846.

They remained in that vicinity until 1848. A baby brother was born at Harris Grove, Iowa. They emigrated to Utah in 1848 in Brigham Young’s second company. There were over a thousand people in the he company. Did Daniel notice and become acquainted with a young sixteen year old girl, Lydia Harris, who was no relative but later became his wife?

Daniel’s father settled in Farmington, Utah, and another brother was born there. In 1851, this family went to San Bernardino, California with Lyman and Rich to make a Mormon settlement. At San Bernardino, in the fort, their 2 families lived for some time in a one room apartment in the fort wall. Two years later he married Lydia Harris, whose family had also moved to California.

In 1856, his father was sent on a mission to the mining camps in northern California to raise money to pay the mortgage on their land. John Harris mentions in his diary about Daniel going home—was he called on a mission too? By this time Daniel and Lydia had a son and daughter.

In 1857 Johnson’s army invaded Utah and Brigham Young called the San Bernardino settlement back to Utah. Because of their hurried departure, they only received a fourth of the full value of their property. Their settlement there has been described as "The most beautiful spot on earth". It must have been heart breaking to leave it.

For awhile Daniel and his family lived at Harrisburg, Parowan; at Fillmore, a son was born, and at Deseret two years later, a daughter.

Daniel was called with some of his father’s family to go back to San Bernardino to bring back some of the cattle left behind. They were accused of stealing livestock, and jailed. This episode caused friction in Daniel’s family, and he left Lydia and his children (his oldest son about 12 years old) and never saw them again as far as we know.

His wife, Lydia, moved in with her father and mother in Southern Utah. She married Samuel White and moved to Beaver. He died several years later. She spent the remaining sixty years of her life as a widow of meager means and raised Daniel’s four children and Samuel’s one daughter alone.

Daniel evidently moved to Juab County. In the 1870 census he was living at the new settlement of Chicken Creek with his parent’s family. He was baptized while there, the first baptism in the new ward.

Where and how did he meet Rachel and Hannah Thornton? These two English girls had emigrated to Salt Lake and evidently spent several years doing housework for a living before marrying Daniel. In 1873, he married Rachel when she was 27 years old. He married Hannah about a year later when she was about 20. One wife lived in Juab and one in Salt Lake. Five years later both were living in Salt Lake City.

Rachel’s children’s history was tragic. She had four children born in five years. Two were stillborn, one lived two months, and one eight months.

After 1879, Daniel and his two wives left Utah, joining others of the John Harris family and went to Colorado to work on the railroad. Family tradition says a land transaction left them with bitter feelings toward Utah settlements.

From there they evidently went to New Mexico where they met the Bingham brothers who were hauling freight to soldiers who were pursuing Geronimo. They worked with the Bingham boys and at times lived in Chavis, Lincoln, and Grand counties.

Around 1885 they met James McGee, who was head of an apostate Mormon group and affiliated themselves with him.

Daniel moved his family to Thatcher, Arizona, where there was a branch of the Church. Was he interested in reaffiliation?

Hannah had six children by this time, five boys and one girl. While at Thatcher the youngest boy died. In 1892 Daniel went with mcGee to Mexico to look after mining property. While there he died on August 25. McGee said he died of Salt poisoning—that is, took too much salt to ease the pain of abdominal cramps. The exact site of his grave is not known to us.

McGee moved Hannah and Rachel and their families to Tucson and at Ranch Rero they grew up.

Daniel’s two families were not well acquainted—hardly knew the other existed. Now we’re happy to have them reunited in a family organization.

Compiled by Shirley DeLapp

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Daniel is our 3rd Great Granduncle Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

He was married to Rachel THORNTON in 1873.

He was married to Lydia HARRIS on 5 Oct 1853. Children were: Daniel Duane HARRIS.

He was married to Hannah THORNTON in 1874.

bullet Daniel Coleman HARRIS was born on 16 Jun 1864 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri. He died on 26 Jun 1931 in Ely, White Pine Co., Nevada. Parents: Charles Timberly HARRIS and Louisa EMERY.

He was married to Ellarine Augusta ANDERSON on 10 Apr 1899. Children were: Venus Deon HARRIS.

bullet Daniel Duane HARRIS was born on 8 Oct 1854 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., California. He died on 4 Jul 1930 in Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah. Parents: Daniel HARRIS and Lydia HARRIS.

He was married to Frances Elizabeth TOLTON on 15 Jun 1881 in Saint George, Washington Co., Utah. Children were: Earl Tolton HARRIS, Orville HARRIS.

bullet Dewayne HARRIS was born about 1829 in Ohio. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

bullet Earl Tolton HARRIS was born on 7 Nov 1889 in Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah. He died on 9 Oct 1976 in Boise, Ada Co., Idaho. Parents: Daniel Duane HARRIS and Frances Elizabeth TOLTON .

Children were: Shirley HARRIS.

bulletEliza HARRIS was born about 1822 in Ohio. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

She was married to Joseph E. METZGER on 17 Mar 1836.

bulletGeorge HARRIS was born on 18 May 1850 in Farmington, Davis Co., Utah. He died on 1 May 1926 in Tucson, Pima Co., Arizona. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

He was married to Martha Ann THORNTON about 1875 in Utah.

bullet George HARRIS was born about 1824 in Ohio. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

bullet Hannah HARRIS was born in 1820 in Ohio. She died about 1874. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

bullet Isaac HARRIS

He was married to Mercy LATHAM.

bullet Jacob HARRIS was born on 10 Mar 1837 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER .

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He was married to Eliza CARPENTER in 1863 in California.

bullet Jacob HARRIS Photo was born on 22 Nov 1785 in Northern Ireland. He died on 5 Mar 1860 in Saint Joseph Co., Indiana.
Jacob Harris came from North Ireland. He started over with his parents and brother, but his father died on the way over and was buried at sea.

The widow and orphans embarked at New York, and the mother, not being able to take care of the orphans, indentured Jacob to a Mr. Hartman, a German and Revolutionary War veteran, who took him to Pittsburgh or near there. The Hartmans gave him an education, and he learned the trade of cabinet maker and joiner, as well as the German language. He married Susannah Hartman, a daughter of his master.

As a pioneer, he first left Pennsylvania for Dayton, Ohio, and shortly moved on to the South Bend, Indiana, area in 1829. Being the first settler in this region, the Harris Township was named in his honor.

It is not known how he felt about being indentured, but because of the fact that he didn’t talk about it to his children until late in his life, he must have resented it.

Jacob is our 5th Great Grandfather

He was married to Susannah HARTMAN about 1806 in Pennsylvania. Children were: John HARRIS, Sarah HARRIS, James HARRIS, William HARRIS, Permilla HARRIS, Thomas HARRIS, Jacob Strauther HARRIS, Hannah HARRIS, Eliza HARRIS, George HARRIS, Dewayne HARRIS.

bullet Jacob Strauther HARRIS was born on 24 Feb 1818 in Ohio. He died on 7 Feb 1875 in South Bend, Saint Joseph Co., Indiana. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

He was married to Betsy HARMON on 25 Aug 1839 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan.

bullet James HARRIS was born in 1812 in Green, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 11 Mar 1897. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

He was married to Mary Ann FUNSTAN on 6 Feb 1840.

bulletJohn HARRIS Photo was born on 2 Dec 1808 in Green, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 4 May 1899 in Farmington, Davis Co., Utah.
John was the oldest of a large pioneer family (11 children). His father, who had come from Northern Ireland, had been the first to settle in the South Bend, Indiana, area. The township and fields had been named in his father's honor (Harris Township and Harris Fields).

At some time around 1845, John and his family had been converted to Mormonism. In February 1846 they started out to join the Mormon settlement in Nauvoo, Illinois, from South Bend. About a month later in March 1846 they arrived at Nauvoo. Two days after their arrival, John and his wife Lovina were baptized in the Mississippi River.

John attended the dedication of the Nauvoo Temple on May 1, 1846. Within a few days they found themselves on the move once more. The Mormons were being driven out of Nauvoo. They crossed the Mississippi River on May 9. John Harris was elected captain of his company on May 11. On May 15 they started out on their journey.

Family records indicate that John and his family didn't arrive in Utah until 1848. If this is true, it appears likely that he and his family stayed in the vicinity of Council Bluffs for a couple of years before starting out again. When they did arrive in Utah, they settled in the Farmington area.

In March 1851, John, along with many other Mormon families (500 people in 150 wagons), were called upon to move to the San Bernardino area in California to establish a Mormon settlement. They arrived in California in June 1851.

In 1855, John was called on a mission in the mining district near Sacramento to help the Mormon Church pay back the money they owed for the property in San Bernardino. He spent most of the year in Coloma as a carpenter and handyman. As his wife didn't know how to write, he was lonesome a good deal of the time. He did correspond when he could with some of his children. During this time, John kept a journal which is now on file in the LDS Church Archives in Salt Lake City.

During 1856 Brigham Young recalled the settlement in San Bernardino. This was during the Utah Wars. John and his family later settled in southwestern Colorado.

John and his family later had gotten word that the Mormon Church was planning to create a settlement in the Southeastern portion of Utah near Bluff. In anticipation, he moved a portion of his family over to this area, and they were there to greet the first scouting expedition who came through The Hole in the Rock looking for a shortcut to the area.

John's wife Lovina later died in Arizona. In his old age, John moved back to Farmington, Utah, where he died in 1899 at the age of 90.

Here is another version of John Harris' story:

John Harris died 4 my 1899 or 1900 and is buried in Tucson, Arizona.  His wife, Lovina is buried in Central, Arizona.
History of John Harris
Zilla Mattice
8122 S.E. Taylor,
Portland, Oregon

    For your infomation, my husband's grandmother, Rebecca Harris Warren, lived with us from the time we were married until her death.  She died in my home and from her I learned a few things about John Harris (her father) as she lived with him and her brothers from the time she lost her husband and now have to rely on my memory.
     In 1847, John Harris and his family decided to leave their home in Indiana and move to Oregon, as that seemed to be the spirit of the times, so they started out; Grandfather, Grandmother, and their eight living children; all went well until they arrived in Councill Bluffs, Iowa.  There John Harris took desperately ill.  For three days grandmother was beside herself, but could do nothing to relieve his suffering.  A company of Mormon pioneers were spending a few days camped near by.  Brother Joseph Knight was among these, and his wagon wheel had broken down and he was trying to fix it, so as to continure with the saints.
      But, he felt prompted that all was not well in the strangers camp, near by- not that he had been approached for help, but was prompted.  He told his wife of his feeling, and she scolded him as wives will and said if he didnt get busy with the wheel they would never be ready to go with the company.  So he went back to work, but three times this prompting came to him, and finally he could stand it no longer.
       He picked up another brother and they approached the Harris camp.
       He told grandmother of his feeling asked if there was anything he could do to help or if anything was wrong. She told him of her husbands severe suffering.  He asked if she would like them to administer to him, and she didn't know what that meant but was glad of any assistance.
        They administered to him and he was instantly healed.  Being a wheel wright by trade, he arose from his bed; went with Brother Knight and fixed his wheel for him.
        Then the Harris family were so overwhelmed with the teachings and kindness of the Mormons that they decided to cast lots with them and went to Utah instead of to Oregon.  They were in Brigham Young's second company.
         Grandmother Warren said that hardships overtook them on the way and the team of horses died that was carrying the church records.  When Grandfather heard of this, he went to Brigham Young.  When Brigham Young saw him coming, he said, "well, Brother Harris, what is your troble?  Seems like that is all we have.  So what is your complaint?"
          Grandfather told him he had heard that the horses had died, and as he had some extra ones, he had come to offer them.  To which Brigham Young replied, "Well, that is more like it,"  and gladly accepted.  So the team that brouught the records across the final stage of the journey belonged to Grandfather Harris.
           After moving back to Utah, the Harris family moved to many places.  I amy not get them in their corect order, but they lived for a while in Juab County around Levan and Nephi.  They also went to Colorado where they did some construction work on the railroads.  They went to Southern Utah from there, and were waiting for the "Hole in the Rock" folks who were led by my other grandfather on my mothers side-Jens Neilson.  There was nothing to hold the Harris there, so they went back to New Mexico and Aarizona.  As you know, Grandfather and Grandmother both passed away in Arizona.
John is our 4th Great Grandfather
Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

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He was married to Lovina EILER on 5 Jan 1831 in Indiana. Children were: Daniel HARRIS , Lucinda HARRIS, Angeline HARRIS, Jacob HARRIS, Susannah HARRIS, Rebecca HARRIS, Joseph H. HARRIS, Oliver HARRIS, George HARRIS.

bullet John HARRIS

Children were: William HARRIS.

bulletJoseph H. HARRIS was born on 28 Nov 1844 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan. He died on 18 Mar 1846 in Warren Co., Michigan. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

bullet Lucinda HARRIS Photo was born on 13 Nov 1832 in South Bend, Saint Joseph Co., Indiana. She died on 3 Nov 1906. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

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She was married to Abner BLACKBURN on 28 Apr 1852 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., California.

bullet Lydia HARRIS Photo

She was married to Daniel HARRIS on 5 Oct 1853. Children were: Daniel Duane HARRIS.

bullet Oliver HARRIS was born on 13 Jun 1847 in Council Bluffs, Pottawatomie Co., Iowa. He died on 13 Sep 1919 in San Marcos, San Diego Co., California. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

He was married to Lodemia SLY on 13 Sep 1869 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

bullet Orville HARRIS Parents: Daniel Duane HARRIS and Frances Elizabeth TOLTON.

Children were: Ann HARRIS.

bulletPermilla HARRIS was born in 1815 in Ohio. She died on 11 Mar 1852. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

bulletRebecca HARRIS Photo was born on 21 Aug 1842 in Bertrand, Berrien Co., Michigan. She died on 2 May 1927 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

She was married to William Stockbridge WARREN on 12 Aug 1858 in Washington, Washington Co., Utah.

bullet Sarah HARRIS was born in 1810 in Green, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania. She died in Dec 1863. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

She was married to Samuel Horace BELL on 9 Dec 1830.

bullet Shirley HARRIS Parents: Earl Tolton HARRIS and Sylvia Ann LOVELL.

Children were: Dorothy DE LAPP .

bulletSusannah HARRIS Photo was born on 14 Feb 1840 in Indiana. She died on 31 May 1917. Parents: John HARRIS and Lovina EILER.

She was married to Clark FABUN on 26 Aug 1856.

bullet Thomas HARRIS
Came to America on the sailing ship Lyon which sailded from Bristol under the leadership of Governor Winthrop in 1630. Thomas and Elizabeth settled in Charleston, Massachusetts, where, on 18 May 1831, he was admitted freeman. The record states that on the same day "he hath undertaken to set up a ferry betwixt Winnettsent and Charleston."

Thomas is our 11th Great Grandfather Parents: William HARRIS and Agnes MASON.

Children were: Ann (Annie) HARRIS.

bulletThomas HARRIS was born in 1816 in Ohio. He died on 3 Jul 1860. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

He was married to Jane FINLEY on 13 Oct 1836.

bullet Venus Deon HARRIS was born on 17 Mar 1900 in Silver City, Juab Co., Utah. She was a Vaudevillean Performer. Parents: Daniel Coleman HARRIS and Ellarine Augusta ANDERSON.

She was married to Thomas Rollo HICKEN on 29 Mar 1919. Children were: Thora Rodello HICKEN.

bullet William HARRIS was born on 4 Jun 1813 in Pennsylvania. He died on 11 Mar 1852. Parents: Jacob HARRIS and Susannah HARTMAN.

He was married to Phebe BALDWIN on 24 Feb 1842.

bullet William HARRIS Parents: John HARRIS and Annis (Harris).

Children were: Thomas HARRIS .

bulletHannah HARRISON died on 17 Aug 1812.

She was married to William CALVERT in 1757. Children were: John CALVERT .

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