bullet John COLLINS

bulletMary COLLINS.

She was married to Samuel JOHNSON on 22 Jan 1663 in Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Mr. COLLINS

bulletClovis King Of COLOGNE. Parents: Pharamond King Of WESTPHALIA and Argotta of E. Franks.

bulletMary COLTON.

She was married to Ebenezer GRAVES on 12 Mar 1694 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Sarah COLTON

bulletRoland COMBAR.

He was married to Joan Mrs De AUBENEY before 9 Apr 1307 in Channel Islands.

bullet Agnes COMBE

She was married to William TORREY [CAPTAIN] in 1630 in Combe, St. Nicholas, Somersetshire, England.

bullet Arnaud I Count Of COMMINGES was born about 898 in Comminges, Aude, France. Parents: Asnarius Count Of COMMINGES.

Children were: Roger I Count Of CARCASSONNE.

bulletArsinde Countess Of COMMINGES was born about 902 in Carcassonne, Aude, France. Parents: Alfred Count Of CARCASSONNE and Adelaide Countess Of CARCASSONNE.

Children were: Roger I Count Of CARCASSONNE.

bulletAsnarius Count Of COMMINGES was born about 872 in Comminges, Aude, France.

Children were: Arnaud I Count Of COMMINGES.

bulletHenry COMPTON [Baron Compton].

He was married to Frances Ann HASTINGS about 1571 in England.

bullet Alice COMSTOCK was born in 1600 in England. She died in 1650.

She was married to John SMITH about 1631 in England. Children were: Elizabeth SMITH.

bullet John COMYN

He was married to Margaret "the Maiden" ERIKSDATTER QUEEN OF SCOTLAND about 1313.

bullet Roger CONANT [GOVERNOR] Photo was born on 9 Apr 1592 in Budleigh, Devonshire, England. He emigrated in 1623 from Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He died in 1679 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.
Roger Conant was born in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England in 1592, the youngest of eight children. In 1623 he emigrated to Plymouth with his wife, Sarah and son, Caleb. However, he was uncomfortable with the strict Pilgrim society in Plymouth and moved his family to Nantasket in 1624. In the late autumn of 1625, Conant was invited by the Rev. John White and other members of the Dorchester Company to move to their fishing settlement on Cape Ann as their governor. Still looking for more favorable conditions for a settlement, he led a group of people to Naumkeag, now Salem, in 1626, and continued as their governor. In 1627 a patent was solicited from England and it was obtained by a group led by John Endicott who arrived in Naumkeag in 1628. Endicott and the other settlers of the New England Company now owned the rights to Naumkeag. Fortunately for the peaceful continuity of the settlement, Conant remained in Salem and, despite what must have been a disappointment for him, acceded to Endicott's authority as the new governor.

Conant built the first Salem house on what is Essex Street today, almost opposite the Town Market. In 1639, his was one of the signatures on the building contract for enlarging the meeting house in Town House Square for the First Church in Salem. This document remains part of the town records at City Hall. He was active in the affairs of the town throughout his life. In 1679, he died at the age of 87.

This dramatic, cloaked statue of Roger Conant faces the Salem Common and stands atop a huge boulder brought from the woods near the floating bridge at Lynn. Artist Henry H. Kitson designed this heroic bronze statue for the Conant Family Association and the statue was dedicated on June 17, 1913.

Another short biography of Roger follows:

Roger Conant was baptized 9 Apr. 1592 in All Saints Church in the parish of East Budleigh, Devonshire, England. He apparently served a seven year apprenticeship in London as a salter. He married 11 Nov. 1618, in St. Ann's parish (or St. Annis) of Black Friars, London, SARAH HORTON, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Culverwell) Horton. He came to Plymouth, New England in the ship named Ann in 1623 with his brother Christopher, his wife Sarah and his son Caleb. He removed shortly to Nantasket. In 1624/5, he was chosen by the Dorchester Company to govern their colony at Cape Ann. It was an unruly bunch at Cape Ann with little discipline and little profit was made for the company. In 1626 the company paid the men their wages and offered transportation back to England. It was the unruly bunch that returned to England but Roger and several others, free of the scum, decided to stick it out. From that time they were free of any obligation or control of the company and were entitled to no aid from it. Roger and his faithful companions soon removed to a place the Indians called Naumkeag which later became Salem. He is listed as the first governor of Mass. Roger died 19 Nov. 1679, in his eighty-eighth year. Sarah was living in 1666 but probably died shortly thereafter.

Roger is our 11th Great Grandfather

Parents: Richard CONANT and Agnes CLARK.

Children were: Caleb CONANT, Sarah CONANT.

bulletCaleb CONANT. Parents: Roger CONANT [GOVERNOR] and Sarah HORTON.

bulletJohn CONANT was born in 1520 in Gittisham, Devonshire, England. He died on 30 Mar 1596 in Gittisham, Devonshire, England.

Children were: Richard CONANT.

bulletMary CONANT was born about 1650 in Wenham, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

Children were: Hannah Mary LEACH.

bulletRichard CONANT was born about 1548 in Budleigh, Devonshire, England. He was a Church Warden between 1606 and 1616. He died on 22 Sep 1630 in Budleigh, Devonshire, England. Parents: John CONANT.

He was married to Agnes CLARK on 4 Feb 1578. Children were: Roger CONANT [GOVERNOR].

bullet Samuel CONANT

He was married to Mary PEABODY on 9 Aug 1744.

bullet Sarah CONANT was born in 1628 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts. She died in 1659 in Essex Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Roger CONANT [GOVERNOR] and Sarah HORTON.

Children were: John LEACH.

bulletSusanna CONGDON.

bulletSusannah CONGDON.

bulletChristian CONNELL.

bulletAgnes CONSTABLE was born about 1455 in Allerton, Nottinghamshire, England.

Children were: Alice SKIPWITH.

bulletAgnes CONSTABLE.

She was married to William PERCY [Sir Knight] about 1510 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England.


He was married to Lora FITZHUGH about 1452 in Yorkshire, England.

bullet Marmaduke CONSTABLE [SIR KNIGHT]

He was married to Margery FITZHUGH about 1473.

bullet Marmaduke CONSTABLE

He was married to Margery FITZHUGH in 1455.

bullet Hugh Bishop of CONSTANCE was born about 974.

He was married to Niece of Gunnor in 990. Children were: Roger .

bullet Pierre Emperor of CONSTANTINOPLE [Prince/France] was born between 1126 and 1128 in Courtenay, Loiret, France. He died in 1183 in Palestine. Parents: Louis VI, "The Fat" King Of FRANCE and Alix (Adelaide) Countess Of SAVOY [QUEEN OF FRANCE].

He was married to Elizabeth de COURTENAY about 1155 in France. Children were: Pierre II De COURTENAY [EMPEROR OF CONSTANTINOPLE] , Tochter de COURTENAY, Alix De COURTENAY [COUNTESS OF ANGOF, Eustachia de COURTENAY, Clementia de COURTENAY, Robert de COURTENAY, Philippe de COURTENAY, Guillaume de COURTENAY, John de COURTENAY, Daughter COURTENAY, Constance de COURTENAY.

bullet Emma de CONTEVILLE was born about 1029 in Conteville, Conteville, France. Parents: Harlevin (de BURGO) de CONTEVILLE and Harlette de FALAISE.

She was married to Richard le Goz D'AVRANCHES. Children were: Helisende D'AVRANCHES , Maud (Margaret) D'AVRANCHES, Hugh d' AVRANCHES, Arbella Loup d' AVRANCHES , Maud d' AVRANCHES, Judith d' AVRANCHES.

bullet Harlevin (de BURGO) de CONTEVILLE was born about 1001 in Conteville, Conteville, France. Parents: John (Jean) de BURGO [Earl/Comyn].

He was married to Harlette de FALAISE about 1028. Children were: Emma de CONTEVILLE, Odo de CONTEVILLE [Bishop/Bayeux], Mathilde de CONTEVILLE , Muriel de CONTEVILLE.

bullet Mathilde de CONTEVILLE was born about 1039 in Conteville, Conteville, France. Parents: Harlevin (de BURGO) de CONTEVILLE and Harlette de FALAISE.

bullet Muriel de CONTEVILLE was born about 1041 in Conteville, Conteville, France. Parents: Harlevin (de BURGO) de CONTEVILLE and Harlette de FALAISE.

bullet Oda de CONTEVILLE was born about 994 in Mellent, Normandy, France. She was born about 994 in Mellent, Normandy, France. Parents: John (Jean) de BURGO [Earl/Comyn].

She was married to Waleran Count Of MEULAN. Children were: Adeline (Adeliza) de MEULLANT [Cts./Meulent].

bullet Odo de CONTEVILLE [Bishop/Bayeux] was born about 1036 in Conteville, Conteville, France. He died in 1097. Parents: Harlevin (de BURGO) de CONTEVILLE and Harlette de FALAISE.

bullet Aaron COOK

bulletBenjamin COOK.

He was married to Jerusha LANGFORD in 1788 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Harriet Elizabeth COOK

Children were: Oscar Brigham YOUNG .

bulletMary COOK was born about 1646 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died on 17 Feb 1670. Parents: Thomas COOK and Mary HAVEN.

She was married to Thomas LANGFORD . Children were: Thomas LANGFORD, John LANGFORD.

bullet Patience COOK

She was married to Isaac GOODALE on 25 Nov 1668 in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Samuel COOK

He was married to Hope PARKER on 2 May 1667 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut.

bullet Sarah COOK

She was married to Thomas WAITE in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

bullet Stephen COOK

He was married to Rebecca FLAGG on 19 Nov 1679 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Thomas COOK was born in 1616 in Earls Colne, England. He died on 6 Sep 1677 in Rhode Island.

Children were: Mary COOK.

bulletElizabeth COOKE was born about 1610. She died in 1682. Parents: William COOKE and Martha WHITE.

Walton update
Mon, 04 Aug 1997 22:16:02 -0700
Jerry Johnson
Jim Bailey 

Must thank you for some real help, if indirect help, with the Walton
family. As I think I told you, I haven't done any serious genealogy
research for a few years and decided to get back at it for a number of
reasons. Just started again the past several weeks.

Your file matched my records on the Walton's - to Rev. William. But I
didn't have all those ancestors of Sarah Maverick and Elizabeth Cooke.
I used those folks to search some online data bases and found files with
Rev. William's parents, Robert Walton and Margaret Fitzwilliams and his
grandparents, William Walton (1556) and Ann (Anne) Mays.

Then last Saturday I took in the Mormon Family Center in Oakland and
found a book called "The Walltons of Brunswick County, Virginia;
Descendents of George and Elizabeth (Rowe) Walton" by Joe C. Tinney of
Waco, Texas. Early in his book he traces a couple of Walton lines
including the Walton line starting wtih Robert Walton and Margaret

I've attached a GED formated file of Rev. William Walton's ancestors -
about 24 people going back to Simon de Walton, b 1175, d 1266, although
we might be better served to begin with the next fellow, Sir Roger de
Walton. Seems Simon was clerk to King John (of Magna Carta fame) but
also Chaplin to King Henry III and the Bishop of Norwich. Since
clergymen in those days were suppose to be unmarried and celebate - some
researchers have either found, or invented, a nephew of the same name as
the source of the line. I much prefer the bishop's story, myself.

Another interesting piece in this line concerns the family land
holdings, Great Stoughton Manor, which was in the family for a few
hundreds of years. It was lost when the owner sided with the
revolutionaries to arrest, indict, convict and behead Charles I. At the
restoration ten years later when Charles II was given the throne, this
Walton, owner of Great Stoughton Manor, seems to have booked (probably a
good idea) and lost the homestead. This fellow would have been a
contempary and some kind of cousin to Rev. William and Samuel Walton,
Sr. Charles I was beheaded in 1649 and the restoration was in 1660.

The manor came into the family before the time of a knight, Sir John de
Walton who resided there in the 1390's. It may have come from Sir Robert
Aspall, and John's mother's family. I was cramped for time - definitely
will go back and get the chronology straight. As an old history major
in college, who still can't put down a well-written history, it is a
hoot to find some "family" connection. Kind of livens up the period.

Anyhow, I'm attaching the ged file - let's see if it get's through O.K.
I'm in Salt Lake on business the rest of the week and then on vacation
next week. My updated file with all this stuff will be posted at one of
my web sites by the end of the month. The home page (under new
constuction) is listed below.

Take care - and keep in touch.

Conventional wisdom is often neither.

Jerry Johnson
Tracy, California

Children were: Samuel WALTON Sr., Elizabeth WALTON, Josiah WALTON, Nathaniel WALTON, John WALTON, Martha WALTON, Mary WALTON, May WALTON.

bullet Francis COOKE was born in 1663.

He was married to Elizabeth LATHAM on 2 Aug 1687 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Mary COOKE Parents: William COOKE and Martha WHITE.

bullet Nathaniel COOKE Parents: William COOKE and Martha WHITE.

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