bullet Mary SNOW was born in 1668 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: William SNOW.

She was married to John RICKARD [DEACON] in 1676.

bulletMary SNOW.

She was married to Thomas PAINE in Jul 1650 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

bullet Mercy SNOW was born on 22 Mar 1737 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Eleazer SNOW and Mercy KING.

She was married to Jacob JOHNSON on 28 Feb 1760.

bullet Rebecca SNOW was born on 23 Jul 1676 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. She died on 4 Apr 1740 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: William SNOW.

She was married to Samuel RICKARD on 31 Dec 1684 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to Benjamin SMALL in 1694 in Eastham, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to John PORTER on 26 Dec 1728.

bulletReuben SNOW was born on 16 Apr 1731 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Eleazer SNOW and Mercy KING.

bullet William SNOW was born in 1624 in Sturtle, Dorsetshire, England. He died on 31 Jan 1708 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

He was married in 1654 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Joseph SNOW, Hannah SNOW, Benjamin SNOW, Mary SNOW, Lydia SNOW, James SNOW, William SNOW, Hannah SNOW, Rebecca SNOW.

bullet William SNOW was born about 1674 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He died in 1726 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: William SNOW.

He was married to Naomi WHITMAN . Children were: Eleazer SNOW.

bulletMary SNUDON.

Children were: Joseph S. HUNTER.

bulletElizabeth SNYDER.

bulletSusanna SNYDER.

She was married to Samuel EILER on 29 Jan 1811 in Essex, Ontario, Canada.

bullet Robert SOAN

bulletJohanna De SODINGTON was born about 1274 in Soddington, Worcestershire, England. She died about 1331.

She was married to Walter BLOUNT [SIR KNIGHT] before 1294 in Soddington, Worcestershire, England. Children were: William BLOUNT [SIR KNIGHT], John BLOUNT [SIR KNIGHT], Walter BLOUNT [SIR KNIGHT] , Alice BLOUNT.

bullet Mary SOMERFORD

She was married to George READ on 15 Jan 1822.

bullet Charles SOMERSET

bulletEdward SOMERSET.

bulletAne Marie SORENSEN was born on 10 Aug 1818 in Tise, Hjorring, Denmark. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bullet Bodil SORENSEN was born. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bullet Christen SORENSEN was born on 10 Oct 1800 in Mou, Aalborg, Denmark. He died on 22 Mar 1834 in Dallerup, Aarhus, Denmark. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

Children were: Sophie Margrethe SORENSEN.

bulletLars SORENSEN was born on 19 Dec 1807 in Mou, Aalborg, Denmark. He died on 28 Nov 1885 in Linderup, Tolstrup, Hjorring, Denmark. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bulletMaren SORENSEN was born. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bullet Margrethe SORENSEN was born. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bullet Ole SORENSEN was born on 28 Jan 1816 in Tise, Hjorring, Denmark. Parents: Soren CHRISTENSEN and Kirsten LAURITZEN.

bullet Sophie Margrethe SORENSEN Photo was born on 2 Mar 1820 in Branderslev, Maribo, Denmark. She died on 28 Nov 1908 in Cedar City, Iron Co., Utah.
Margaret Sorenson was born 2 March 1820 in Rudby (or Brandeslew), Lowland, Denmark, a daughter of Christian Julius Sorenson and Margritte Hansen. Her mother and mother’s sister were married the same day to two brothers, the eldest child in each family being born just one week apart. Margaret was the oldest in the one family. She was the only child, her mother dying when she was but three weeks old. Her father being an officer in the army, she was taken by her mother’s sister, Kristina, the one that was married the same day as Margaret’s mother.

She lived with this family until she was ten years of age, when her father remarried. She then lived with her father until she was married, 23 December 1840 (or 1843), to Peter Mackelprang, also of Rudby, Lowland, Denmark.

They lived in Rudby for some time, Peter following his trade as a tanner and shoemaker. Peter often took boys as apprentices to learn the trade. However, Peter and Margaret soon became tired of the city life and moved to the country. They took with them a boy who had been mistreated by his father. The boy soon married, and Peter and Margaret built a home for him. When Peter and Margaret left, the young couple said that they had never been treated better by anyone than by them.

When the Mormon missionaries preached the glad tidings of life eternal in their prosperous little island, Margaret accepted the message willingly, feeling in her soul that it was of divine authority and believing that her husband would soon see the light. She was baptized in the spring of 1854 (or 1855). After the harvest, when Peter had joined the Church, they moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where they lived for one year, Peter being called to act as a missionary among his countrymen during the last six months of their stay in Copenhagen.

After Peter had labored at this call for six months they began to make preparations for the journey to Zion. Margaret was given a blessing that she should reach Zion with all her family, although she was very weak. When Annie Eva Mackelprang (later Bailey), their seventh child, was five weeks old they started on their way on the ocean trip in a sailing boat. Although Margaret was very sick crossing the sea, never being out of her bed, she clung to the promise given her and trusted in her faith. She was the only woman who didn’t lose a child on the trip which lasted eleven weeks and five days.

The trip across the plains was accomplished by ox teams. Knute Peterson was the captain of the company. At the Missouri River they had to leave all the luggage that was not absolutely necessary to their existence. Margaret told of the cooking utensils, stove, feather beds, pillows and other comforts that were left on the bank of the river. She also told later in life of how she smuggled cloth she had bought for the children for extra clothes. This same cloth was later given into tithing upon their arrival in Utah.

Through Margaret’s and Peter’s supply of money and big-heartedness, four young people emigrated with them as far as Salt Lake City, where they divided the train of emigrants, as was the custom. These young people moved to Sanpete County to live with their relatives who had come to this country before them. Margaret and Peter were sent south with their family and others.

They located in the Old Fort, northwest of what is now Cedar City, Utah. They arrived 14 November 1856.They lived in the Old Fort for many years and then moved up to the "New City." Here Mary Mackelprang (later Jones) was born 3 September 1857. They lived at first in a shed with willows woven around to form a room. During the summer they built two rooms above it, the children carrying the water from the creek to mix the adobes. This was one of the first houses built in Cedar City, which stood at First South and Third East Streets. In the cellar stood the old brick oven which served for baking.

Peter and Margaret were endowed and sealed to each other on 14 October 1859 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. (On 2 June 1887 in the St. George Temple the family was adopted to President Wilford Woodruff.)

Later they moved back to the Old Fort. It was here that a daughter, Margaret "Maggie" Mackelprang (later Perkins) was born on 19 September 1860. Peter bought a four room house in the "New City," and the family moved into it, living there for the rest of their lives. Bishop Lunt asked Margaret on many different occasions to prepare for the twelve apostles when they would arrive for conferences or visits. Margaret always prepared for them and did all she could to make them comfortable.

Peter and Margaret were a very hospitable couple, and the emigrants from the north would try to arrange their drives so as to "make Brother Mackelprang’s" for the night. It is told that twenty outfits camping in and out of the lot was no uncommon sight.

Margaret was a devoted Relief Society worker—her name often appears in the old minute books for deeds of charity. While neither she nor Peter were before the public much, their faith was deep-rooted and the paying of an honest tithing was one of their strong points.

Margaret was an excellent cook and seamstress and did much of this type of work for the poor and needy. Because of their faithfulness to the gospel, both Margaret and Peter were called to take their second anointings. Peter died fifteen years before Margaret. Margaret died 28 November 1908 in Cedar City, Utah. They left behind them a posterity of eight children, two preceding them to the great beyond, also four hundred and fifty descendants [at the time this sketch was written].

The children are:

Stina, who died at nine months of age
Christian, who married Lenore Bailey
Christina, who married Martin Chatterly
William, who married Delia Terry
August "Gus", who married Jane Parry
Julius, who married Martha Jane Perkins and
Margaret Jane Stephens
Anna Eva, who married Nephi Bailey
Mary, who married Frederick Jones
Margaret, who married Daniel Perkins
Peter, who married Kathryn Perkins

Margaret is our 2nd Great Grandmother Parents: Christen SORENSEN and Margritte HANSEN.

She was married to Peder Mathiasen MACKELPRANG on 23 Dec 1842 in Rodby, Maribo, Denmark. Children were: Stina MACKELPRANG , Christine Johanne MACKELPRANG, Christian Eric MACKELPRANG, Kirstine Johanne Margarethe MACKELPRANG, Samuel William MACKELPRANG, August Sorensen MACKELPRANG, Julius Augusta MACKELPRANG , Annie Eva Augusta MACKELPRANG, Mary MACKELPRANG, Margaret MACKELPRANG, Peter MACKELPRANG.

bullet Mary SOUTHER

She was married to Joseph SHAWE in 1653 in Massachusetts.

bullet Mary SOUTHWICK

Children were: Hannah NICHOLS.

bulletEdward SOUTHWORTH.

He was married to Alice CARPENTER on 28 May 1613 in Leyden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands.


He was married to Mary Tudor I Queen Of ENGLAND AND SPAIN [QUEEN OF SICILY &NAPLES] on 25 Jul 1554 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

bullet Milesius (Galamh) King Of SPAIN Parents: Bile.

He was married to Scota (2nd wife). Children were: Heber Monarch of IRELAND, Eochaid I (Heremon) King Of IRELAND.

bullet Alice SPARK

She was married to Ambrose FROST in 1599/1600 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England.

bullet Oliver SPARROW

bulletSarah SPARROW.

She was married to John HAMMOND on 29 Jul 1651 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.


bulletCatherine SPEICHER.

She was married to Solomon SUMMY on 8 Jan 1880 in Holmes Co., Ohio.

bullet Christian SPEICHER

He was married to Christina MISHLER about 1758 in Berks Co., Pennsylvania.

bullet SPENCER

He was married to Lydia KILBOURN.

bullet Catherine SPENCER

She was married to Henry Algernon PERCY [EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND] about 1502 in England.

bullet Catherine Curtis SPENCER

Children were: George Spencer YOUNG, Alice Roxey YOUNG, Brigham "S" YOUNG, Howard Orson YOUNG , Lawrence Henry YOUNG, Mabel Alexander YOUNG, Joseph Angell YOUNG , Florence Ellen YOUNG, Eugene Howe YOUNG, Catherine Curtis YOUNG, Cora Aurelia YOUNG.

bulletDisbrow SPENCER.

bulletE.B. SPENCER.

bulletMary Elinda SPENCER.

She was married to Victor BAILEY on 20 Dec 1915 in Monticello, San Juan Co., Utah.

bullet Enos SPERRY

He was married to Rachel SANFORD on 8 Nov 1750 in New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut.

bullet Hezekiah SPRAGUE

He was married to Sarah SMITH on 17 Nov 1725 in Smithfield, Providence Co., Rhode Island.

bullet John SPRING

He was married to Hannah HATCH about 1654.

bullet Alice SPURSTON

She was married to Thomas STEWKLEY about 1528 in Colridge, Devonshire, England.

bullet Agnes de ST. CLARE was born about 1053 in Barnstaple, Devonshire, England. Parents: Waldron de ST. CLARE and Helena le BON.

She was married to William de BRAIOSE about 1074. Children were: Amicia de BRAIOSE, John de BRAIOSE, Philena de BRAIOSE, Phillip de BRAIOSE, Adam de BRAIOSE, Hortense de BRAIOSE.

bullet Waldron de ST. CLARE was born between 1015 and 1023 in Normandy, France.

He was married to Helena le BON. Children were: Agnes de ST. CLARE.

bullet Maud (Matilda) ST. HILARY was born between 1132 and 1137 in Buckenham, Norfolk, England. She died on 24 Dec 1193 in Norfolk, England. Parents: James ST. HILLARY and Aveline.

She was married to William d' ALBINI [Earl]. Children were: William (d'AUBIGNY) de ALBINI.

bullet James ST. HILLARY was born between 1102 and 1111 in Norfolk, England.

He was married to Aveline. Children were: Maud (Matilda) ST. HILARY.

bullet Walter de ST. MARTIN was born about 920.

He was married. Children were: William de WARENNE.

bullet Miss de ST. SAVEUR was born about 1040 in Saint Saveur, France. Parents: Neil de ST. SAVEUR.

She was married to Roger BIGOD . Children were: Roger BIGOD.

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