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Welcome to the Wildflower portion of my Utah and Western New York Nature Photography Website!

My main photo efforts continue to be directed towards birds, but I've always enjoyed attempting to identify and categorize the many wildflower species we have in  Utah and Western New York.  When the birding is slow, there is often an interesting plant or flower, near at hand, waiting to be photographed.

Just click on the plant family hyperlinks to the left and you will be taken to the photo gallery for that particular family of plant. If you find any misspellings or misidentifications, please let me know. Remember that I'm an engineer by training, not a botanist, so errors are bound to occur. I obviously don't do this for a living; it is only one of many avocations I've developed since retirement.  I truly welcome any corrections.

As with my bird pictures, I will continually try to replace the poorer wildflower shots with better ones. My main desire is to take aesthetically pleasing pictures of the wildflowers, but, where possible, I try to include a leaf or two so the plant is more readily identifiable to those "in the know" on such things.

I thank Bill Gray, a renowned expert on Utah native plants, who has helped me out on numerous occasions via e-mail on the plants I just couldn't figure out. Any errors, however, are all mine!  Bill has developed an outstanding software program on plant identification in Northern Utah. This has been an indispensable learning tool for me.  At $25, it's a tremendous bargain.  Please click on the hyperlink below for more information on Bill's outstanding program:

Cyberflora Plants of the Central Wasatch

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