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My name is Jim Bailey. I lived in Holladay, Utah, for a number of years, but have recently (May 2007) moved to Western New York (Rochester/Finger Lakes region). We bought a lovely new townhome/condo overlooking a large pond, so I'm looking forward to developing a diversified yard list of New York birds.

Since retiring from consulting engineering in December 2003, I now have the time to pursue this hobby with considerably more vigor. Also, digital cameras and computer technology have revitalized my long time interest in photography. I find the challenge of photographing birds particularly fun.

A personal goal of mine used to be taking good pictures of most of the birds on my Utah Life List, which is currently at 291 species. However, now that I live in New York state, I will doubtless try to do the same for my New York Life List. To me, the photographic aspect has added an entirely new dimension to birding and has renewed my interest in this rewarding hobby. As of now, I have photos of 200+ species of Utah birds which I have taken on my website. In addition, I have photos of 135+ species of birds I have taken in other states for a total of 347 species.  Hopefully, these numbers will continue to grow. Moving to New York should help considerably.

You might note that I have a considerable interest in identifying and photographing wildflowers as well. There are over 100 common wildflowers pictured in the Utah Wildflowers section. Maybe in the future I can add a New York Wildflowers section as well.

I have listed my other websites below.

Jim Bailey, November 2008

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