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Greetings! This is the supplementary portion of my main website which presents the same information in pedigree chart format. This information is presented without photos or biographies. You can view this photo/bio information on the Main Bailey Genealogy Website by clicking on the hyperlink below. The pedigree charts go back up to 30 generations in some cases.

Due to genealogy software limitations, the charts only contain my direct ancestors. If you locate an ancestor here, we are cousins and blood relatives. Information on other nondirect ancestral family members can be found in the Family Group Sheets and on the main Bailey Genealogy Website (see hyperlinks below).

The easiest way to locate a common relative is by using the Surname List. From that list, you can click on the surname of interest, which will take you to a list of relatives with that surname. Some relatives are listed more than once because they are included in more than one pedigree chart. Pedigree charts can be browsed back and forward in time by clicking on the appropriate arrows.

Table of Contents

Ancestors of James Stephen BAILEY Ancestors of Jim BAILEY (my pedigree)
Surname List Surname List - A list of all surnames on this site (most useful hyperlink)
Name Index Index of Names - A list of all names on this site
(alphabetical list of everyone)

Name Index Family Group Sheets (same information in group sheet form)

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