Distinguishing Characteristics of

Central Utah's Breeding Warblers

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Distinguishing Characteristics


Black and white colored: grayish back, black crown, cheek, throat. Yellow spot behind eye. Habitat--dry slopes, pinyon-juniper.

Black-throated Gray

Striking yellow, gray, black, and white colored. Yellow throat, crown, rump. White wing patches on male. Common. Active. Flycatcher.

Yellow-rumped (Audubon's)

Appears all yellow. Yellowish tail spots. Male rusty breast streaks. Common.


Most dull colored. Greenish-yellow breast to greenish-olive back. Orange-crown feathers seldom seen.


Grayish. Yellowish breast, tail rump, and undertail coverts. White eye-ring.


Slate-gray hood over head/neck/throat. Yellow below. Broken eye-ring.


Shiny black cap. Golden-yellow breast and throat. Unstreaked.


Black mask (male), bright yellow throat. Olive green back. White belly. Habitat -- marshes. Wren-like "JIZZ".

Common Yellowthroat

White "spectacles". Bright yellow throat and breast. Large fun warbler. Call -- "mockingbird-like". Riparian habitats.

Yellow-breasted Chat

Bright orange patches on tail and wings (male), black head, breast, back. Striking coloration. Active, Flycatcher.

American Redstart

Source of data: Dennis Shirley. Web adaptation: Jim Bailey. Copyright 2004

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