Snowy Owl

(Bubo scandiacus)

After hearing about this bird on the local Rochester bird mailing list, and after numerous unsuccessful trips to the Summerville and Charlotte piers on Lake Ontario, I finally got lucky. Although not a life bird for me (saw one flying from a distance in Idaho), it has to be one of my favorite sightings since moving to Rochester NY from Utah in May 2007. These photos were taken in the last week of November 2008 on 3 separate days. All photos were shot from the Summerville Pier.

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Seen hanging out across the way on the Charlotte Pier


Warily watching my approach from a favorite spot behind a bollard


His friend (another owl) in his hiding spot behind a bush


Close-up of friend


Snowy Owl on snowy day


Closer view


Another close view


Oops! I got a little too close


Back to the Charlotte Pier he goes


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