Purple Gallinule

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This bird was originally spotted by the side of the road at the Jordanelle Wetlands on Saturday, July 24, 2004, by Clay and Cliftia Johnson, and reported by them on BirdNet on July 26. The last reported sighting of a Purple Gallinule in Utah was in 1939!

I took these pictures the morning of Tuesday, July 27, between 8:35 and 8:45am. Bob Bradley already had the bird in his scope when I approached. At the time, the bird was in the ditch that runs parallel with the paved road on the west side of the road,  about 10 feet south of the concrete culvert where a stream passes under the road. This culvert is about .2 miles north of the south entrance to the Jordanelle Wetlands (2 stone pillars).

Update: Alas! To the best of my knowledge, this wonderful bird has moved on. No one has reported seeing this bird since Tuesday, July 27, although many have tried. If the bird is predictable, we can all watch for it in 2069!



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