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A bit of personal history:

I was born on 31 Aug 1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was second born and have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. One of my brothers is deceased; my older brother lives in Rochester, NY. My other brother, 2 sisters, and father all live in Salt Lake. I moved to Rochester, NY, in May 2007. My mother passed away in January 2005 at the age of 85.

I attended Judge Memorial Catholic School from kindergarten through 12th grade. After high school graduation, I attended the University of Utah for a couple of years without much motivation or success.

With the threat of being drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War buildup in 1965, I enlisted in the Air Force for 4 years. During this time, I was stationed at Stewart AFB, Newburgh, NY, for 3 years, and at Bien Hoa Air Base, Vietnam, for 1 year. My job title was Information Specialist. While at Stewart AFB, I wrote hometown stories and prepared radio spots for enlisted men and officers stationed at Stewart.

In Vietnam, during 1968, my job title was Combat News Reporter, which permitted me free access to fly on 11 combat missions and write stories on the pilots and crew on these missions. In the latter part of my service in Vietnam, I was the 3rd Combat Fighter Wing Historian. Two of my quarterly histories were judged to be best in the Pacific Air Force (7th Air Force).

Upon discharge (Feb 1969), I returned to Salt Lake, where I attended the University of Utah, majoring in Civil Engineering. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in June 1971 (GPA of 3.86/4.0). During this time, I met and married my first wife, Barbara. Our marriage lasted 10 years, 1970 to 1980, and we produced two wonderful children, Johanna (1975) and Jacob (1978).

On a full scholarship, I attended the University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana from Sep 71 to Jan 73. During this time, I was a part time research assistant. I graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Structural Engineering and a GPA of 5.0/5.0) in Feb 73.

I started work part time for E.W. Allen & Assoc., a consulting structural engineering firm in Salt Lake City, in March 1971. Except for a short time, from Sep 74 to Mar 76, when I worked for H.C. Hughes Company, I have worked continuously for E.W. Allen & Assoc. I became a partner in 1977. The company name was changed to Allen & Bailey Engineers in 1990. I became President of the company in 1999.

Some of my more significant projects as a structural engineer include the Eaton Tower, Skaggs Catholic Center, Salt Palace Expansion, Bridge over the Green River near Vernal, Westminster College Giovale Library, and the Cathedral of the Madeleine Seismic Retrofit. My most significant project, for which I have received numerous awards for engineering excellence, is the Restoration, Seismic Retrofit, and Base Isolation of the historic Salt Lake City & County Building (built in 1890). This was the first historic building in the world to be Base Isolated. This technique entails placing the entire structure on rubber seismic isolation bearings, such that the building is isolated from damaging earthquake ground motions.

I am past State of Utah Uniform Building Code Commissioner, and past Commissioner on the Utah Seismic Safety Commission. I also served as a member of the Salt Lake City & County Building Conservancy Use Committee, and as a member of the Murray City Board of Appeals.

I sold Allen & Bailey Engineers to ABS Consulting, a large international corporation based in Houston, in 2001. As part of the buy-out agreement, I worked for this company as a Senior Engineer & Consultant until December 2003, at which time I retired at the tender age of 59. This company came along at the perfect time; after over 30 years of doing this type of high stress, high liability work, I was getting burnt out and was ready for a change in my life. I've been having great fun ever since, doing other things besides engineering, and have never regretted early retirement.


In May 2007 we moved to Rochester, New York. We've vacationed in Western New York and visited my brother, who lives here, on numerous occasions over the years. My wife has always loved the trees and greenery of this area and has urged me on many occasions to move here. Finally, the timing was right and we packed up our little doggies and drove out here for good. So far we have no regrets. We both love our new home here and find it to be a pleasant change.

My current hobbies and activities include birding, computers, hiking, bird photography, antique radio and clock collecting & repair, duplicate bridge (Life Master), guitar playing, and biking.

I met my wife Judy while hiking with the Wasatch Mountain Club in April 1993. We were married in July 1995. It is the best thing that ever happened to me. Life has never been better.

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